Matt Priest in France

Matt Priest is back at it with another enjoyable trail edit, this time shot in France. It’s amazing how well known Priest has become in a few short years–his international acclaim can really be attributed to a string of awesome web videos, starting with his Relentless Energy section which premiered a mere two years and ten months ago. With solid brands backing him this year and a healthy amount of traveling in his past and future, 2012 looks to be another solid year of footage from Priesty, his bike, and dirt sculptures in the woods. Back to the video, Vincent Biraud did a good job with this one and it really makes the woods and the riding look great. While a more cinematic shooting style is considered “over the top” by some these days (myself included for certain projects), I think the approach works well for the trails and really shows off the beauty of the woods and jumps. Enough rambling–just press play above.