Matt Allpress – Death Of The VX

I wish all VX’s would die so we can move on and stop hearing about them. Either way Matt Allpress kills it in this on the rails, every single clip in here is good. I look forward to seeing more of Matt in HD…

“Auckland local and young rail slayer Matt Allpress hit me up cause he VX just died and he didn’t know what to do with all the footage he already had. So we decided to put it all together for a TCU exclusive. 

Matt just got put on BSD and that’s not a surprise because he kills it! He’s in Australia at the moment to film for his welcome video and if it is as good as this edit then we are in for a treat!

Follow the man @mattallpress 

Filmed by: Karl Periam, Jono Hopping and Tony Yetton
Edited by: Alex “Frenchie” Coumailleau”