Mat Hoffman’s CFB – Merritt Island 2000

First off, I can’t believe that this happened over 14 years ago! I actually went to the Merritt Island CFB, and probably still have have some of the Best Buy gift cards that I won there. Anyway, enough of my trip down memory lane. Mat Hoffman will uploading these classic sections from the CFB series from now until the X games start in June. I don’t know about you, but I’m extremely excited about this. It’s going to be rad to see the timeline of BMX progression through these.

“Pro Competitions: CFB Merritt Island FL, air date: 4.21.00
Vert, Park, Dirt, Flatland

Another Perspective: 
True Street Riding
How to transform anyplace into a dirt mecca (9th Street)
Hanging with Evel Knievel

1. CFB Merrit Island FL 2- 24/27.00

Every Thursday from today 'til the X Games in Austin (June 5th (11 weeks)) I'm going to share a free download of one of the episodes of the Crazy Freakin Biker Contests Series between 2000 and 2004. Each one is about an hour, so pull up a chair, or get some friends together and check out some of the greatest BMX moments, history and heart that help defined our lives and influenced who we are.

This CFB goes back to 2.24/27.00 at the Paradise Funplex in Merrit Island FL. The Pro Contest are Vert, Park, Dirt and Flatland. I also I made some other features between the contests to show what our sport looks like outside of competitions and called it "Another Perspective". Those sections in this episode are "True Street Riding", "How to transform anyplace into a dirt jump Mecca (9th street)" and "Hanging with Evel Knievel".

peace, love, bmx

-Mat Hoffman”