MARKIT’S Apocalypse Edit

Start your day off right with the new MARKIT mix, featuring the crew and plenty of homie clips. They also stamped an unofficial deadline on their DVD, which they say will be due out in October 2013 at the end of this edit. Check it out above–yet another awesome edit from the MARKIT crew.

Most of the crew and a few of our homies shred some skateparks around California and end up in Mexico for this months APOCALYPTIC MARKIT MIX. Featuring Connor Lodes, Mike Jonas, Ronnie Napolitan, Christian Rigal, Chad Kerley, and Dennis Enarson.

Homie clips from Steve Woodward, Bill Macpherson, Ryan Nyquist, Big Daddy, Gary Young and Ryan Olson.

Filmed/Edited By: Christian Rigal

Tame Impala- Apocalypse Dreams

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