Markit Zero- Full Video

If you somehow haven’t seen Markit Zero in its entirety then you have likely been sleeping under a rock or haven’t been riding more than a couple years, either way you need to click play now and watch a truck get blown up. Full sections from many of the sports best riders and definitely one of the best over-all videos that has ever been released. Literally every section in this video is amazing and should be viewed so I won’t even bother with highlights do yourself a favor and watch this now.

“Markit is a crew of good friends who all love shredding bikes, filming clips, and going on trips together. Featuring the riding from Chad Kerley, Connor Lodes, Dennis Enarson, Mike Jonas, Geoff Slattery, Rob Wise, Ronnie Napolitan and Christian Rigal, Markit Zero is our first full length feature. Enjoy!”

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