Mark Potoczny LES Trails POV

Mark Potoczny comes through with yet another amazing POV from the LES trails in the Czech Republic:

Here is a better look at the L.E.S. trails in Jacin, Czech Republic. They were sme of the most unique trails I’d ever ben to before because they had 2 giant roll-ins at opposing sides of the woods. Two stories tall with no railing, these things were crazy. I nearly fell of the top when the woodgave way on the top deck. The lines weaved in and out of each other head on whch was terrifying at times. These clips were during their annual Rahcolic Jam which they used a stop light system to save everyone form head on collisions during the jam. If you ever have a chance to go, DO IT! These guys know how to hava a jam. It was an all out party with contests ranging from highest tree climb to longest throw of a 40 pound 1990’s Haro. Mas Heske Ochi!