MADD Gear Welcomes James Foster

Not really sure how this works, but James Foster is now riding for both KHE and MGP. What’s MGP, you ask? Well, it’s Madd Gear, a scooter company. Jeez. At least James fires out a flip bar-to-tailwhip in this…

“KHE Bikes’ pro BMX rider James Foster is now riding for MGP as well as KHE. This video was filmed at various spots around Southern California shortly after James got back on his bike after 6 months off due to a broken leg. James is feeling healthy and strong and looking forward to a great year on his bike!

Artist: A.V.I.U.S. of Prime Element
Song: “Think of the Day” (Instrumental)
Produced by: Metty Dertmerchant of Sweatshop Union
Album: For Better Or Worse EP (2011 House of Waxx Recordings)
Available at:

Video filmed and edited by Fat Tony.

3/25 Edit… James wanted to clarify the his and KHE’s relationship with Madd Gear:

“Hey guys, I keep seeing a lot of questions about my association with Madd Gear, and apparently whoever sent my new edit over didn’t really clarify my relationship with MGP (Madd Gear). Basically MGP is now the sole distributor of KHE here in the US, and they hired me to handle KHE sales. What this means is I’m still riding for KHE and I still ride a KHE bike and parts, while working for MGP to sell KHE bikes and parts in the US, and that makes me a rider for MGP as well. 

As far as it being a scooter company, the fact is that KHE is going to have much better distribution here in the US and parts are going to be much more easily available. So what MGP is doing is good for KHE bikes and anyone who wants the product, and I think that’s a good thing for BMX. I’m happy that I’m able to take on the job of handling KHE’s sales in the US, but what’s important to me is that I’m back riding again and having fun.
Hope this clears everything up.
Thanks, James”