Larry Alvarado’s What’s This Paparazzi Shit?

Any new Larry Alvarado footage is golden in my book…check out his latest edit above.

pa·pa·raz·zo   [pah-puh-raht-soh; It. pah-pah-raht-tsaw] 
noun, plural pa·pa·raz·zi  [-raht-see; It. -raht-tsee].
a freelance photographer, especially one who takes candid pictures of celebrities for publication.

I do not go by this label but every time I am out filming my buddies and we get kicked out of a spot I hear this. I am a rider that just so happens to film. Spend a few minutes watching this video of the spots I encounter while filming my friends.
Big thanks to Matt @Profile racing, Colby @ODI, Chris @S&M for the great times!
-Larry Alvarado-