Kyle Baldock’s Insight, Ep. 1

As far as wild park riders go, I’m a pretty big fan of Kyle Baldock. Dude seems to push his riding in his own way, is one of the few that remains unpredictable when heading toward a ramp, and seemingly does and forgets more tricks than more people will learn in a lifetime.

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“In Episode 1 of Insight, Kyle Baldock takes you to the GC Compound on the Gold Coast in Queensland, Australia. This is a park that Kyle has ridden since it opened and he absolutely shreds it. He and friends Logan Martin and Brock Horneman are at the Compound on the reg and always have more fun than anyone. Watch the boys as they throw down some massive tricks off the ramps and quarter pipes. These Guys Go Huge at one of the Coolest BMX Parks in Oz | Kyle Baldock’s Insight, Ep. 1”