Ky Brisebois- 1664 Good Ol Cranks

1664 Distro up in Canada dropped this short but sweet promo of Ky Brisebois for some new cranks they are releasing. The cranks are more on the classic side and the 2 peg, cassette hub riding matches the classic style cranks. A few of my personal favorites from this edit are the wallie to feeble to 360 and the hanger crank 180 down the rail. Both executed about as perfectly as possible.

Ky Brisebois putting some fresh Good Ol’ Cranks on his ride, then putting them to work.
follow Ky on instagram at @kybrisebois
Filmed by Derek Morgan – @derek.morgan
Editing by Isaac Barnes – @ibonesaw
1664 Good Ol’ Cranks
– 3 piece 19mm crank set
– 170mm & 175mm lengths
– Black or Chrome finish
– 4130 chromoly cranks arms
– 43 thermal heat treated crank arms & spindle
– RHD & LHD compatible

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