Kriss Kyle Riding Shotgun: Episode 3

In the third episode, Kriss goes to Austin to geek out about riding with Chase Hawk (as you should). Lots of heat, swimming, guns, and some BMX… Also psyched to see Joe Simon put out some BMX content; we need more of that.


“Kriss and his BMX head stateside for some serious riding and southern style fun and games.

Episode 3 sees Kriss head to the searing heat of Austin, Texas, to spend some time with Chase Hawk, a rider who Kriss says,

has got the best style ever…he makes everything look good.

Given the high temperatures the boys have to break up riding BMX  with swimming in lakes, shooting guns and riding in boats. It’s a hard life…

Legendary Austin filmmaker Joe Simon is responsible for the split edit that drops at the end of the episode, "I've seen some of Kriss's videos and they're pretty amazing…I'm pretty psyched to be able to shoot with him."

The fourth and final instalment of 'Riding Shotgun', out on the 21st November, sees Kriss return home to Scotland, along with a couple of the best riders in the world.”