Kris Fox and Matt Cordova California Coast’n

Kris Fox and Matt Cordova are not only really good friends but teammates on more than one company. Given their shared love of a good concrete bowl, the duo loaded up Matt’s van and headed up the California coast hitting every bit of transition they could find.

“With their busy summer schedule behind them, it was time for Kris Fox and Matt Cordova to “slow things down” a bit. They departed from Southern California with plans of living out of Matt’s van, camping, and hitting whatever gems they could find as they traveled north up the coast of California. Follow two of the most stylish riders in today’s world of BMX as they explore the world through their love of riding a bike.

Kris and Matt’s weapon of choice is the SE Gaudium:…

Soundtrack: Style by Charles Bukowski
Drive fast, take chances by Acid King”