Kink, always doing it right. Thinking outside the box, they took the crew of Sean Sexton, Lloyd Wright, Tony Hamlin, Aaron Smith, Ben Hittle, and Darryl Tocco from Mexico to Haiti to Jaimaca and more via one giant floating resort. It’s hard to come up with a genuinely “new” road trip idea these days, but damn, they done did it.

“Vacation time with the 2013 Kink Pro Team. We boarded the Royal Caribbean “Freedom of the Seas” for a week of paradise in Haiti, Jamaica, Grand Cayman, and Mexico. In between living it up on the boat and chilling out at unreal beaches, we rode whatever we could possibly find- which wasn’t much.

Music- Johnny Harris “Light My Fire”

Filmed and edited by Darryl Tocco

Photography by Walter Pieringer”