KHE – The Crisman Freecoaster

Bruce Crisman was definitely a pioneer of the modern free coaster era in street riding. KHE just put up a promo for their newest coaster hub, as well as some new footage of Crisman which is definitely a treat. That cab over the spine is some serious business.

“Over the past 7 years KHE and I have developed the most reliable Freecoaster hubs that I have ever ridden throughout my BMX career. As for our newest Signature product; I am most impressed with how this hub offers even more slack to avoid pedal engagement during fakie tricks down large stair sets. And for those of you that prefer as little slack as possible; the hub feels as close to a cassette as you can get with a Freecoaster, right out of the box. I am honored to call this model the “CRISMAN” hub.”

– Bruce Crisman

available May 2014

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Filming: Shad Johnson @shad4130, Tyler Short @tshorts 
Music: E&J ,