Kapok BMX team 2014

Lots of good street clips and a good vibe in this mix edit from Kapok BMX out of China…

“A group of bmx riders come from different parts in CHINA,but all with one love on bmx.They keep riding for fun,for life,for their dream.

Thank you for sharing our best time and memories in this video,we “LINK” because what we love.

Featuring Kapok rider:

Ming Yang @fluff80

Xi Wu @hd1mg

Haifeng Guan @thecat3427614

Li Xu (Lee Xu) @lee_bmx

Pu Yang @youngpupupu

Wenting Huang (Venti Huang) @wenzibmx

HanKun Chen (Ken Chen) @farmerbikes

Jingbiao Deng @dengjinbiao

Haina Liu (Sean Liu) @seanhaina

LeMing Liang (Taj Liang) @taj_liang

ZhiYong Zhang (Johnny Zhang) @zhiyong_zhang

and friends.”