Kadeem Eiland – Welcome To Social x Dante Distribution

Sometimes it’s mind-blowing just how good kids are these days. Kadeem Eiland is a perfect example. I don’t know about you, but I’ve never heard of him before. He just got picked up by Social through Dante Distribution, and this welcome edit left me wondering how this is the first time I’ve seen something from him

Kadeem Eiland rides for Social through Dante distribution in the Netherlands and we’re stoked to have him onboard!

Filmed by the homies.
Edited by Sybren Planting.
Photo by Aaron Zwaal

“Kadeem Eiland comes from Holland and is one of the most talented and open-minded riders I’ve ever met.
His progression is on another level and almost everything Kadeem does, is first try.
From technical to gnarly, Kadeem’s got it on lock.

Over the past few years, Kadeem became a good friend of mine who’s always down for a session.
Off his bike, Kadeem is a really down-to-earth person who is always good for a laugh.
His riding-skills combined with his personality makes this hook-up more than deserved!

This edit was filmed over the past 5 months in Apeldoorn, Deventer, Arnhem and Zutphen.
– Sybren”