Juanje Trujillo – Born to BMX

Wow, this is truly inspiring! Juanje Trujillo proves that you can do anything that you put your mind to with enough perseverance and ingenuity.

“We have the video of Juanje Trujillo, Yoni chains had long since Juanje slope with this project, so last week I take to record this edit, at the skatepark of Alhaurin de la Torre and some spot nearby street, and certainly not be the last, Yoni and plans to start recording something bigger and longer as this was recorded in just one afternoon, despite the inability of Juanje is having a lot of motivation and a huge desire for the sport as well the title says it all Born to BMX. They can go through fisurebmx.blogspot.com.es/ to see the full post.

Filmer/Edited by Yoni Cadenas.
Musica: Billy Stewart – Summertime.