Josh Betley – Goodbye to the Team

In a world where certain riders think its not possible to ride without a sponsor, Josh Betley shows its all about just riding a bike after being dropped by his two sponsors…

Josh Betley: Goodbye to the Team – More BMX Videos

“Over the course of the past year, Josh was let go by Osiris and lost his gig with Felt when they stepped away from BMX. Rather than dwelling on the fact that all of that sucks, Josh threw down a whole bunch of creative moves and kept the good times rollin’. Watch and enjoy. “Ryan Galvan and I have been filming together on-and-off over the past few months. During that time, I got the news that I was off Osiris and the Felt USA BMX program was dissolving. When it came time to name this video, I looked at what else was out there for inspiration. I kept seeing “Welcome to the Team,” then, jokingly, said to Ryan, “Goodbye to the Team.” We had a laugh and decided to go with it. Thanks to everyone who has supported me through the years. I can’t say enough good things about those companies or my old teammates.” – Josh Betley Credit: Ryan Galvan”