Jeff Kocsis Gets Mic’d Up


Jeff Kocsis wears a microphone throughout the day in his hometown of Clifton, New Jersey. On this particular day, Jeff walks you through his normal morning routine, shows off the bike shop that him and his family started a short while ago, and throws a jam with a few of the Animal guys and the local kids. From the time I’ve spent with Jeff, this is a pretty good representation of his personality–down to earth and down for the cause. Check this one out above–it’s good stuff:

MacNeil and Animal Bikes pro Jeff Kocsis threw a jam in his home town of Clifton N.J. (also the original hometown of Animal Bikes) to kick off the opening of his new bike shop last month. Jeff and his father opened the shop with his brother Kyle as the mechanic and his mother managing the books — basically it’s an all Kocsis operation. The jam was held at the Clifton Skatepark and a bunch of Animal Bikes riders came out for the event. We put a microphone on Jeff and followed his around throughout the day to capture the craziness that is Clifton. Music by: Saukrates “Say I”