JC Pieri – Have Fun

Ever see someone do a footjam nosepick with a small child on their back? Well, today is the day that all changes for you my friend. JC Pieri knows how to have fun and that is very well demonstrated in this new edit! I’m telling you right now that this is going to be the most entertaining thing you see all day!

“JC Pieri shows us his version of how to have fun on a BMX bike.

The most of clips are filmed in the indoor skatepark of marseille in france : le Palais de la Glisse and the concrete bowl
And some clips from my world your this summer Hawaii Tokyo 

The main thing for me is to have fun in my bike. Every time I ride my bike I’m trying to find some new ideas. I have more fun doing some stuff never seen before and doing this with my friends. They help me a lot to do some combos. 
Thanks to Bmx filming became my job. Then this style of riding is a way for me to avoid serious injury.
My philosophy is to have my own style of riding and just have fun with it. 


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