James Curry – Welcome to Proper

Wow, James Curry is damn good and I think I’m kind of into those mutated crank/tooth grinds he’s doing.

“We’re psyched to welcome James Curry to the team. He’s been on our BSH frame and parts set up for a little while but we feel this edit and James’s recent magazine appearances mark his ‘welcome to the team’.

Filmed and Edited by Ryan Hallett;
“I have known Curry for about 18 months now and known of him for the last couple of years! I always knew he had talent on a bike but since getting to hang out with him more and whist working on this edit, I have realized just how much talent he has. Over the last couple of filming sessions his progression has gone crazy and the bulk of these clips were filmed during a couple of afternoons between rain showers! James Curry is on a mission at the moment and its good to watch, I look forward to working with him more and seeing his riding progress! It is great to see Proper pick him up and I am sure he's going to be a great asset to their team; as he not only kills it on a bike he's also a real chilled guy to be around! Hope you enjoy his welcome edit. Cheers Ryan”