Introducing the Marana Og by Chase Hawk

Do I just wanna sit here and say how jealous I am that etnies did this commercial legit and got permits to ride this notorious Los Angeles busty spot? Probably, but I can’t not mention that Chase continues to make every single thing he touches look great, whole-heartedly including the Marana Og’s… Find out more info over at

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“The etnies Marana Bloodline is completed with the first Signature BMX colorway. Alongside the E-Lite and Vulc, Chase Hawk’s colorway has been unveiled as the Red/Gum in the foundation of the Bloodline, the classic Marana (Blood Type Og).

Type E+: Lightweight with a rare genetic sequence specialized for progression.
Type Og: Foundation of the Bloodline. Durable and resistant to infection and wear.
Type V+: Best in board feel & classic comfort with a resilient hunger for the streets.

Originally designed and developed for Ryan Sheckler to withstand the abuse of his skating. The Marana Bloodline was built with signature elements, the toe cap for incredible durability, high-impact resistant STI Evolution Foam for increased rebound cushioning and reduced overall weight.

Durability, high performance, lightweight, and comfort: The anatomy of the Marana Bloodline. See it here –