Ilyas Ganzhaev – Welcome to XSA Store

Now here’s something from Sochi that I’m actually interested in watching. Ilyas Ganzhaev chose to film his Welcome to XSA Store edit in the city that hosted the winter Olympics. Sure enough there are still stray dogs running around!

This video has been chilling on our hard drive for a while now. It has been shot in march, when suddenly our boys Queso and Yuriy took a trip to Olimpic capital – Sochi – in search for adventures. Eventually they got enough material for making this tiny masterpiece edit.

Behold! This is STRESS – the one and only, the best of the best Russian street brand #1. In opposite to putting their logo onto catalogue parts, these guys for many sleepless months develop their world-industry changing ideas. Their parts got soul. Russian soul.
And this position is very close to ours, as every of the skateparks we construct is unique, as a handmade painting.

Now back to the one who’s guilty. No need to introduce this guy: he’s one of the Russia’s most talented and technical riders. For more then a year he’s been a part of the STRESS crew. The true style and grinds from Dagestan. Behold – Ilyas Ganzhaev. 
We’re proud you’re with us.”