How I Do – Dennis Enarson – Smith Grind

“We unlocked a video form our vault, this time it’s Dennis Enarson showing the smith grind. Filmed and edited by the great Terrell Gordy. Dennis took a pretty heavy slam filming in Texas last week. He was knocked silly and injured a lung and shoulder. Dennis is home now taking it easy for a few weeks.”

“The ‘How-To’ video is no where near a new concept. There has been a how-to do almost everything imaginable. Most are long, drawn out videos, more boring to watch than insightful and inspiring. So we decided to take the ‘How-To’ back it’s simplest form. One rider, doing one trick, documented the best way possible. So enjoy as Dennis Enarson enlightens you on the fundamentals of how to execute a proper smith grind. Take this new found perfection and go outside, learn something new and have some fun riding your bike.

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Dennis Enarson

Filmed, Edited and Directed By:
Terrell Gordy

Executive Producer:
Allan Cooke

Additional Filming:
Chad Kerley
Ronnie Napolitan

War On Drugs
Slave Ambient
“Come To The City”

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Filmed with:
Panasonic HPX-170
Panasonic AF-100
Panasonic GH-2

Equipment Provided By:
Texas Media Systems

Thanks go out to, we know a good idea when we see it.”