Havana Connection: A Journey Into Cuban Bmx

Cuba has long been on my travel list simply because it’s so different from everywhere else in the world, mainly because it’s removed from American culture. This video from Dillon Hearns only reinforces the idea that I need to get out there and the video itself is nothing short of inspiring. Well done!

Wet desolate roads, cars that are eras removed, and an ever so present government presence. Welcome to Havana, Cuba. A setting for everything but BMX. We aimed to change that. Armed with over 250 pounds worth of bmx parts, clothing, shoes, and more we were on our way into the heart of Cuba. Here was the ensuing result, enjoy.

“The Possessed”
Performed by: Glass Candy

“He Had A Good Time”
Performed by: Cliff Martinez

“The Touch”
Performed by: Mitch Murder

“A Million Miles Away”
Performed by: FM Attack

April 15-19, 2014 
on location in Havana, Cuba 
Dillon Hearns | 2014″