Hal & Leigh’s Excellent Adventure Official Trailer

I'm so psyched these two have teamed up and are doing Oldscool BMX. I still have some of Leigh's Useless 'zines from when I first met him in the early ’90s, and I used to get 2B packages from Hal and Steve Buddendeck back then too. Not sure if I was officially "sponsored" by 2B, Hal would have to confirm that, but getting some free shirts, including a green 2B flannel with a goat head screenprinted on the back from him sure made me feel like it. 2B, Useless, and Play were from a different time in BMX, literally a couple decades ago, but anyone who was in the scene back then knows how rad the stuff was and how much fun those guys brought to BMX through their shirts, ‘zines, contests, and awesome sense of humor.

If you've been sleeping, Hal and Leigh are bringing the old shirts back and have a Kickstarter project to help them make it happen. They even repurchased some of their original printing equipment to make it happen, but there are some repairs that need to happen first. So take a couple minutes to watch this trailer, then head over to their Kickstarter page to see the movie and help the dudes out. If you don't, Hal might bash you in the nose.

"More proof that you shouldn’t let Leigh and Hal near the video camera.
The full film is showing for one week at our Kickstarter project until Thursday March 28, 2013. How it ends is up to you." —Oldscool BMX

You can watch the full movie on their Kickstarter page (make a donation while you're there!).