The Gonz – 90’s Lost Footage

I wanna call this lost footage, but just because I don’t recognize it doesn’t mean that it hasn’t been seen before. Don’t kill me if I’m wrong. But either way, the description on this definitely peaked my interest and the fact that The Gonz reposted this on FB doesn’t hurt either. Things worth noting are the kinked rail to bar, the nosebonk to bar on the fire hydrant, and the tree flair/flip attempts without a photographer there, meaning Gonz went back multiple times to that damn thing, haha. Clearly ahead of his time.

1998 Arizona Brakeless Style from Jason Stonehouse on Vimeo.

“I just came across this VHS tape of an old Gonz demo I had packed away in a box. I acquired the tape sometime ago, I’m assuming its from the early nineties and has some camera work done by Ells. On the tape it says Trend who obviously never got it. I left it as it was except for a gap I shortened around the time of the tree rides.”