Gone Biking Long Beach Daze

This edition of "Gone Biking" has the crew of regulars Morgan Long, Eric L, and Josh Delcour hit the streets of Long Beach with Ed Zunda and Jordan Godwin to ride some lesser ridden spots in town. The video is a little on the long side but it is super relatable and fun. It starts off with a heavy manual pad session and then it makes its way to a school with a wheelchair ramp rail that gets shut down by the hard way gods(Ed Zunda and Jordan Godwin). You will see a perfect crook to hard in here so be on the look out for that!

"Out in the streets of Long Beach with the homies including a couple of new homies Ed Zunda and Jordan Godwin. Watch as everyone destroys a curb island for a session that lasted probably over 2 hours (not kidding) and then roam around North LB to find a few more hidden gems. SUBSCRIBE for more weekly BMX Videos!"

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