GLS Crew “Great Lakes State of Mind”

The 989 Crew has expanded their reach and has grown outside of their area code and as such they needed to rebrand. The new and improved Great Lakes State Crew is planning on coming out with more regular content and since I am originally from the midwest I am super stoked to see what they come up with. Check out this explanation video/teaser of things to come. My only question is what is with the song? Different strokes I suppose.

“The 989Crew has rebranded as the “Great Lakes State Crew”
Our first full length web video “Great Lakes State of Mind” is set to debut February 22nd 2017 on this Youtube channel.

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Filmed / Edited: Alex McTaggart

GLS would like introduce new crew rider Jesse Vasquez. Jesse is one of the most down to earth people we know and he is obviously a natural killer on his bike. The decision was made effortlessly and were excited to work more with him in the coming years.”

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