Get Sylvester: Bun-B’s Gumball 3000 Poem

I guess this is technically Episode 5 of Nigel Sylvester’s “Get Sylvester” show, though it is a bit different from the rest. In this video, Bun-B of UGK fame hits the world with a bit of poetry about the Gumball 3000 race that Nigel went on with “Get Sylvester” producer Harrison Boyce. Check this one out above, it’s pretty good…

On this episode of Get Sylvester, Nigel Sylvester packs the BMX bike into the back of a tricked out Suburban for the 3000-mile long party known as the Gumball. A cross-country rally taking less than a week, the Gumball was a such a whirlwind, Nigel had to ask rapper Bun B to summarize it for him.

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