Floating Halfpipe Session on Gold Coast River

Those crazy Aussies decided to hold a jam of sorts on a 7 foot halfpipe floating on a river because why not? That’s a session I could definitely barge in on…

“It has only been attempted a handful of times around the world, but we are proud to present Australia’s first and the World’s largest floating halfpipe. A crew of Gold Coast BMX and Skate riders put on shows all weekend at the annual Buskers By The Creek festival. Plenty of amazing riding went down along with the occasional and unavoidable wet rider!

The spectacle drew crowds of thousands to the shore of Currumbin Creek to see 35 tonne of steel floating in a river where stand up paddle boarding is usually the most extreme sport. Both the BMX and Skate crews were in awe while riding something that they would expect to stay in their fantasies. We even cranked it up one more notch by teaming up with Energy Entertainments and bringing fire into the equation.

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