FlatWebTV Episode #4

From Vimeo:
Hello and welcome everyone to FlatWebTV Episode 4. The monthly BMX flatland freestyle show, where we discuss the top news and happenings in the world of BMX flatland freestyle. I’m Justin Hoey, I’m Anthony Buglio and this is FlatWebTV.

Portland Bike Show pedalnationevents.com/

Momo tribute

My New bike is coming!!!!

ART Mag,

CD Release myspace.com/ afthenaysayer Contributing artiste from Prop Video Magazine Issues 72-78, Road Fools 18, Diversion (7.0, Made in Thailand, Beyond the Future), Terry Adams’ Dreams.

Event recaps

– FU7 – Pro – vimeo.com/ danielcarusofilm – daniel caruso – wix.com/ danielcaruso/ portfolio – vimeo.com/ 20952783

1st Terry Adams
2nd Jean William Prevost
3rd Percy Marshall
4th Jean Francois Boulliane
5th Francois Cote
6th Bo Wade
7th Cory Fester
8th Lachlan Cameron

– Passion – Deep BMX – Pro – youtube.com/ watch?v=dzJiQvYOTZU

James White (1st)
Dez Maarsen (2nd)
Adam Kun (3rd)
Dominik Nekolny (4th)
Markus Reich (5th).

Space Arc Video
430 Shirts
Tribute Shirt

– No more frontier Flat vs Street, Collier 'Spots' Video

redbullusa.com/ cs/ Satellite/ en_US/ Video/ matthias-dandois-flatland-bmx-021242983321392

youtube.com/ watch?v=DCm2Rb3fMCk
macneilbmx.com/ blog/ tag/ travis-collier/

– Interview Pete Brandt – petebrandt.com/

– Events

France 02.04.2011 – 03.04.2011 Spring Jam
United States 02.04.2011 Studio city Jam
United States 08.04.2011 – 10.04.2011 Jomo Pro
France 16.04.2011 – 17.04.2011 Ninja Spin
Indonesia 23.04.2011 Indonesia BMX Open Championship 2011 Round 2
United States 30.04.2011 Twilight Comp