Fit Team In The 15- Ep.1

This is some more regular content I can get behind. For the FIT TEAM IN THE 15 series it seems like Fit wants to show everyone what its like to film a clip. The real story. In a video part a clip might only end up being a few seconds but that doesn’t tell the whole story. This episode shows Morgan Long battling flat tires, concerned citizens, and the police to get a clip. This is a cool insight for kids who might not know exactly what its like to go out and film street clips for a video.

“We’ve been wanting to bring you FIT TEAM IN THE 15 for some time now… and since we rolled heavy to Vegas last weekend, it seemed like the perfect opportunity to let you get in the van.

The point of this series is to show you what actually goes into getting those 4-second clips that get stacked into an edit. Now when you see this bump manual 180 in Morgan’s next project, you’ll have a better idea of what it took to pull it off.

And just in case you’re confused, the rig’s called the 15 ’cause it’s a 15-passenger FORD E350.

Now that you’ve got the details behind this new project, if you see us on the streets, make sure to throw us a virtual thumbs up and tag us #fitteaminthe15 @fitbikeco – then keep an eye out for a clip scored at a spot near you.”

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