Fairdale R+D

Taj Mihelich’s bike brand, Fairdale, is just another extension of Taj’s creativity and when you add in another legend in his own right, Leif Valin, you get this. Quirky, entertaining, and downright awesome. Not really BMX, but it wouldn’t be possible without it.

Fairdale Bikes presents a little insight into its highly advanced R & D department. Aerodynamic 2×4 bikes and Fender Bass Bicycle are all put to the test.

TEST RIDERS: Taj Mihelich + Leif Valin
CAMERA + EDIT: Francis Delapena

TRACK: I Want You to Believe
PERFORMED BY: Popsicle (Todd Dunnigan + Leta Neustaedter)
WRITTEN BY: Todd Campopiano
FACEBOOK: facebook.com/popsicledanceband