Shadow’s Keep It Local Tour: Pusher BMX

Kids these days are lucky. When I was growing up riding with my friends (which isn’t all that long considering the old farts I work with), we were lucky to have a team come within an hour of our hometown. Now, teams are traveling the country like bands and hitting up the best shops around the country on the regular. Pusher BMX in Denver, Colorado will be having Shadow Conspiracy members Simone Barraco, Ben Hucke, and Eric Bahlman stop by their shop tomorrow, April 21st. If you’re in the area, I’d highly recommend going and hanging out. Clay has the best magazine archive I’ve seen at a bike shop out and on display for historical purposes and knows what it takes to make a good time for kids on bikes. Read what Shadow has to say about the event below and clear your calendar for tomorrow if you’re in the Denver area–good times await.

If you’re in Denver tomorrow (Saturday, April 21st) come on down to Pusher BMX at 2PM and hang out with Ben Hucke, Simone Barraco and Eric Bahlman. This is the first shop stop for the Shadow Crew this year and we’re STOKED to be doing it with Pusher BMX.