Ride the Plank at Fun Fun Fun Fest with Project Loop!

I’m not sure if too many of you are too aware of what this is or what’s going to go on, so here we go. Fun Fun Fun Fest is an annual music festival that takes place in major live music hub and all around awesome city, Austin, Texas, every fall. Last year, the crowds got to enjoy a box jump show and mini ramp demo put on by the awesome Project Loop while Slayer played and in background and this year, they’re upping the ante. The box jump and mini ramp have given way to a very much improved, awesome looking course (which you can see below) and members of the Red Bull team as well as Sunday and Odyssey riders will be doing their thing on it. There’s even word that the legendary Mat Hoffman might show up–does this sound like a good time yet or what? Cutting to the chase, we’ll be on hand to offer coverage to the BMX world, take in some shows, and bring you some coverage of some rad riders and great music to check out. BMX and music go hand in hand, so keep an eye on RideBMX.com at the beginning of November to check all of it out.