ESPN’s Jeremy “Zuka” Hacker Benefit Jam Video

Via Charlie Crumlish/ESPN:

This past weekend, I found myself in Arizona at my girlfriend’s parents house. Three hours away, in Phoenix, a jam was being held to raise funds for Jeremy ‘Zuka’ Hacker. Zuka was diagnosed with leukemia several weeks ago, and started chemotherapy treatment recently.

Through Facebook, I was able to find a rider from the town I was in, who had an open spot in his car and was willing to drive with a complete stranger to go and support Zuka. (He had never met Zuka either.) It might sound crazy, but that’s BMX. Zuka is the only rider I know to ride at his own cancer benefit while undergoing chemotherapy, and at the end of the day, around $5000 was raised for his medical bills.

Donations are being accepted for Hacker’s cancer fund through Paypal at 25nine (at) gmail dot com.