Elliot Van Orman – Joy



This HD film documents life, time, and Brush Park BMX in the Detroit, Michigan area where it was shot on location in May 2013 with a theme directed by a set of words I have written recently.


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Song 1- “Ukulele Pop Rock”
Composer- James Grants

Song 2- “Its Your Happy Day”
Composer- Robert Oliver

Both music tracks licensed @ pond5.com

Shot on: Panasonic HD AG-HPX170
Edited and Colored on: Final Cut Pro 7.0

Words & Narration by:
Elliot Gray Van Orman


In this life,
When you spend your time,
It again you’ll never find.

And when you rise,
You may fall.
And when you cry,
You may heal it all.

And when you do good,
Others to you may do bad,
And when you’re happy,
They’ll try and make you sad.
And when you’re alive,
They’ll tell you that you’ll soon die,
But don’t mind their negative opinions you’ll find,
They haven’t got the guts to try like you.
Go for it. You’ll love it.
Because pain will only make you strong,
When you remember that if everyone likes you,
You’re doing something wrong.

When you’re ahead and they’re behind,
Don’t slow down for those who aren’t so kind,
They haven’t found the joy in life,
That heals everything time cuts with its knife.

Keep moving forth,
And always trust the best of your efforts for all they’re worth.

-(Elliot Gray Van Orman)

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