Edwin DeLaRosa Lost Footage: Cutting Room Floor Clips From First Animal Video


At the pace the world is moving today, ten years ago sounds like an eternity-especially in BMX. And that is all the more reason why this collection of never before seen footage of Edwin DeLaRosa is so remarkable, because even if this was filmed today, it would still be impressive, even by today’s ever-stricter standards. It could even make crankflips popular again. Edwin was 15 when most of this was filmed and at that time he was learning new tricks and coming up with wild new combos everyday, and by the time it came down to editing the first Animal video, he had already moved onto newer tricks and he felt that some of this footage was scrappin’ (and nobody was faster than Vic Ayala to call Edwin out if he thought he was scrappin’). Which leads me to the next thing…both Vic Ayala and Will Taubin have cameos in this. Also, some random facts for you…Edwin rides four different bikes in this edit, including a Standard for most of the footage, a Fit, as well as Vic’s and Vinnie Sammon’s bikes. And there is footage from Miami and Atlanta, which is the trip that spawned Skavenger. Even if this riding were scrappin’, the history behind it would still make it worth watching, but hey, it’s Edwin DeLaRosa, so you know that shit ain’t scrap!