Division Brand – The Division Project Trailer

Division Brand out of Australia has always been on point with the content they put out. I had no idea they were working on a full length, but based on this trailer it looks like its going to be a banger.

“The trailer for the upcoming DVD/Web video project we’ve been working on for a while now.

The DVD will premiere at the end of August and will be released on DVD in limited quantities on the premiere night with each section being released online 2 weeks after the premiere with a free DVD to follow out in October.

Full sections from Daniel Johnson, Chris Whyte, Jeremie Infelise, Carraig Troy, Rhys Gogel and Anton Ayres along with a split section from Mitchell McDonald and Jack O’Reilly plus a worldwide mix section from the entire crew.

Instagram – @divisionbrand @thedivisionproject
Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/divisionbrand
Beats – https://soundcloud.com/beat-gates