Demolition Parts: Jason Enns & Ryan “Biz” Jordan

If you can’t appreciate every single moment of this edit, then you have no hope for happiness.

“It's easy to think about how crazy it is that Jason and BIZ have been riding at the PRO level longer than most new pros have been living. That's the obvious point, what I like to think about is how much depth their riding has gotten after shredding that long. They have seen and helped the sport develop and they know what's fresh and what's being revisited. They have always been on the leading edge of progression in the sport, this is what separates Jason and BIZ from the others, you never know what to expect, they don't do the obvious, they are originators.”

“I Instagramed a photo of this edit in progress the other day and O.G. Demolition filmer/editor Glen PP commented on it saying sarcastically, “Jason and Biz ride together….no way!!?” Yes, for anyone who follows either of these two even remotely close it’s obviously not exactly earth shattering information. However, we thought that was all the more reason for them to go in on a split edit together. With very different personalities, riding styles, bike setups, taste in mini horses, you name it…one thing that really shines thru here is how much both of these dudes have simply loved riding bikes together for all these years, and subsequently have become great friends in the process. Sit back, relax and enjoy the Enns & Biz show. -Mastroni

Filmed & Edited by Mike Mastroni

Music: The Supremes – “Love Child”