Dave Mirra In New Subaru Commercial

Dave Mirra stars in this new commercial for Subaru’s new 2011 WRX. Seeing insanely talented and successful BMX riders cross over into something so big and mainstream is awesome. And the car is sick as hell, too!

From YouTube:
Subaru Commercial Get More G’s: Wet Track, starts with a fence topped with barbwire, a sign reading “Authorized Personnel Only.” A man unlocks the chain link fence, and a water truck is spraying a closed course area. A silver 11MY WRX STI drives through the course and we see Dave Mirra is driving the vehicle through the wet track.

A boy has parked his bicycle and is standing outside the fence watching the STI in action. Quick cuts from the driver’s perspective, the exterior and interior of vehicle racing through course. Close-up of boy’s amazement as he watches the professional driver drift through the course. Geez! exclaims the boy. Geez! exclaims the Dave Mirra.