Dan Foley’s GSport Welcome to the Team Edit

This is so damn good and has a ton of mind bending tricks in it. Dan Foley is too good and joins an already impressive GSport team.

GSport is proud to welcome Dan Foley to the team. Dan is one multi-talented individual – aside from his creative, unique, and insanely dialed bike riding abilities, he's also a skilled filmer / editor and even a college graduate – he just recently finished up his communications degree with a concentration in media production, all while maintaining a career as a pro bike rider. Not too shabby.

We asked Dan's long-time friend Terrell Gordy to write a few words about Dan:

“I've come up with probably 30 different ways to describe Dan, but at the end of the day, I'm pretty psyched to just call Dan my friend. We all know Dan is a badass on a bike, but very few people are able to balance getting a college education and a flourishing BMX career. Mr. Foley made it happen, and I think that speaks volumes of the type of person he is, on and off the bike.”