Dads on Tour

The Dads on Tour edit has an awesome “old school” vibe to it, going on a road trip with your mates to ride some trails. Mat “the racist” Waudby (he’s not actually racist though) made and stars in the edit. Everyone kills the trails and looks to have a great time.

“Just some images from our “Dads on Tour” trip in August.
Big thank you to everyone that sorted us out especially Dig, Bri, Wookie, Jimmy, Pete, Max, Richie and the Dagger family for letting us stay for so long! The best week and a half of summer by far!
I would of liked to get more footage but I was way to busy enjoying myself to do that so enjoy the clips that are here, it was a blast!
Go check out the Trailife website, it’s mint!
Also cheers to Banners and Russ for doing such a sweet job with Elephant!
Songs by The Brian Jonestown Massacre and The Subhumans

And not forgetting a special, one off mention for the alcoholic, fine wine himself, Mr Steve Geall!!”