CrucialBMX Monster Road-Trip Video

Tons of good park riding in here from the Crucial crew as they have what looks a hell of a couple of days.

“We took a two day road-trip to the MT Hawke Easter Jam in Newquay and then raced back to bristol to finish the weekend in style at our own CrucialBMX Easter Backyard Jam. We took 9 of our heavy hitting team members, some you might know really well others will be a fresh face for your screen. This is what we got up to during the 4 days…..

The video is in 3 distinct parts, part one is us hitting up two skateparks on the way down to Newquay. Little bit of street in there and then us crashing at Lima Eltham’s pad.

BIG SHOUT OUT to LIMA ELTHAM for being a top bloke and letting our loose cannons descend on his property for the night.

Part two is our team doing there own thing at MT HAWKE Easter Jam and a few clips from the competitions they entered. Big up Del Shepherd who came 3rd in PRO Park against Harry Main. Vince Mayne got 1st place in PRO Street because he is the boss, no messing around. Then Emerson Morgan got 2nd and Vince Mayne 3rd in the Rail Jam. I think the stand-out clips are what was racked up not during a competition, they speak for themselves.

The final part is us finishing the weekend in style in the beautiful sun at our Easter Sunday Backyard Jam. Lots of clips in here, can you spot yourself? Feel good times, giving back to BMX.

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Team riders on trip:
Scott Summerhayes – CrucialBMX Owner
Sam Wise – Filmer and Editor of Video
Vince Mayne
Max Wood
Bob Manchester – Monster Energy Sponsor
Dan Shepherd
Del Shepherd
Emerson Morgan
Michael Jordan
Instagram: CrucialScott”