Crooked World – Behind The Scenes Action for “The Deadline”

I’m not always the most up to date person when it comes to BMX news but did I miss that the Deadline video came out? Also I have no idea who the hell “Tyler Morrow” is? Despite any confusion that I may have, here is some behind the scenes footage from “The Deadline” that  “finally dropped in the Fall of 2012.”

“After four years in the making, “The Deadline” finally dropped in the Fall of 2012. If you’re still thirsty for some more action check out these behind the scenes clips from heavy hitters Sean Ricany, Miles Rogoish, Steve Coreau, Dan Lacey, JJ Pamere, Aaron Brenner, Kevin Kiraly, Garrett Reynolds, Tyler Morrow, Shelby Miller and Bruce Hoffman shot by Crooked World. Its sure to hold you over until their next edit. 

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