Colony’s 10 Clips With Alex Hiam

“After working hard on filming for the Colony DVD we wanted to play around with a web edit series that was a bit more relaxed, so the deal is…. The rider picks out a spot or park they enjoy riding and then they film ten clips at that spot. No pressure, just keep it fun and do things they enjoy doing.

Next up in our Ten Clips series of video’s is Alex Hiam.

One of his favorite parks here in Brisbane is Fairfield, so we hit it up one weekday so it was a bit quieter, which it was but it was crazy windy at times. You can probably tell how windy it was in the background of some of the clips. Alex was keen though so we spent the afternoon filming this. Thanks to the locals for being patient at times.” -Colony

Video by Cooper Brownlee with additional filming by Rhys Yeomans.