Colony – D.I.Y in Melbourne

The Colony crew spent three days hitting some dope DIY setups in Melbourne. Everyone killed it and there are even some photos from the sessions to go along with the edit….

“We knew of a few drain spots that already existed here in Melbourne so Cooper spent some time fixing up a few along with creating some new spots and then invited some of the guys to come down and ride the spots for 3 days.

We had to do this during the middle of summer so that we didn’t get washed away and to be able to build at the spots. This all worked well besides the temperatures going above 40 every day we were out but we made it work and had a blast doing so. Here is the video (and photos) from the project, hopefully we get to do another one next summer.

Riders: Zac Miner, Tom Stretton, Alex Hiam, Polly, Jack Kelly, Mick Bayzand, Marnold, Clint Millar

See photos from this project here: