A video tale of triumph and why Chris Doyle is one of the greats. Such a fucked rail and many of people would have called it quits on that crazy fall, but Chris holds tight and gets it done for his Kink Safety First section.

“We were filming for Kinks “Safety First” DVD, and the road had lead us to Atlanta, Georgia. I believe this rail was in Murietta, a suburb of Atlanta. Doyle was pretty heavy into filming mode, shredding everything from street to transitions. When we drove by this rail, he called it out, and we didn’t leave until he pulled it. Short run up, shitty rail, and a seemingly impossible curve. We had only been traveling together as the current Kink team for about a year and a half at this point, and we obviously knew what Doyle was capable of. However, this triumphant session ended up being one of the most intense we had experienced in a long time. This day in Georgia, Doyle showed everyone what it means to not only be a true professional, but also how versatile he really is on a BMX bike.”

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