Is Chelsea Fietsgodin The Best Girl BMX Rider Ever?

Well let’s go ahead and add Chelsea Fietsgodin to the ever growing list of ladies killing it these days! Trails, park, street, she rides it all damn well!

“I’ve been asked a few times if I had an edit out and after tossing the idea around for a bit I decided to get it done and getting picked up by Awarewolf Apparel ( just gave me an excuse to make one. Most of this was filmed at my usual sessions around Orlando but my favorite clips are all from day trips with my bestie Betty White who also just released a rad edit that you should watch here:…
Super thanks to Brien K. for helping me keep my bike running on a college student budget and everyone who helped me film this so it wouldn’t be 100% self filmed.
Oh and keep your eye out for opposite grinds because there’s only 1 regular one in the whole edit and it was immediately followed by another opposite one.
Music: Joan Jett and the Blackhearts”